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Bâtiment du Cisit

Elsat2020 project brings together research from most of the scientific institutes and organizations in Hauts-de-France region to address the issues involved in sustainable transportation and mobility. Its research has spurred real innovations in the automobile, rail, logistics, and "new mobility" sectors.

  •  1 Research Federation CNRS sustainable land transports
  •  1 Consortium with 16 partners
  •  400 Reseachers and engineers
  •  27 Laboratories
  •  2 Technologicals centers

Research programs

The Human Factor in Transportation: Autonomy, Protection, and Safety for All

Optimizing Mobility Systems and Logistics

New Materials and Structural Concepts

Vehicle Function Design and Performance

Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility to Meet Economic, Legal, and Social Needs

Information Technology and Behavioral Changes


Scientific Expertise

Comprehensive services, to guide, accelerate and professionalize your innovation capacity.


Direct access to the knowledge and skills of the most advanced laboratories in the field of mobility.

Demonstrators and Prototypes

A turnkey service to accelerate the validation of your innovative concepts.

Research Partnerships

A skills booster for your engineering and R&D teams.


A full range of test platforms for the key players in the field of mobility.

Test Platforms

Materials and Methods

Thermomecanical behaviour

Crash impact

Contraero – flow and aerodynamics

Traction – instrumentation and control

Multisensor system for obstacle tracking and identification

Microtomography characterization platform

UWB communications and positioning

Passenger and user safety

3D motion capture

Rail and road driving simulators

Electromagnetic compatibility

MIMO-OFDM communications